October 1, 2021

Oxford House

Oxford House traces its roots back to 1928 when Rosaria Galea opened her haberdashery shop in Valletta. Today, the company makes available products from some of the world’s most famous brands, from Bosch to Faber to B&T. Seeking to digitise, Oxford House approached the M7Alpha team to design and develop a website that embodies the Oxford House legacy.


Inspired by the story behind Oxford House, we created a website that cherry picks some of the best design trends in the digital world of e-commerce to deliver a best-in-class shopping experience. Our aim was to create a user experience that makes visitors feel like they’re in an actual Oxford House shop, evoking a sense of elegance, minimalism and salience. To this end, the Oxford House website is dedicated to showcasing its products in a way that is as visually striking as possible without compromising on the details and textual information. In addition, users can easily speak with the team at Oxford House through the online chat system available on the website.

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