June 18, 2020


Black Box distribute high-end professional audio, video and HiFi products from the world’s top brands. The Black Box team approached M7Alpha to design and develop an e-commerce website that appeals to its core target audience: middle to high income innovator consumers who are seeking a carefully curated selection of the best audio, video and HiFi products available in the marketplace.


The numbers are clear: People do judge a book by its cover. 52% of online shoppers wouldn’t return to a website because of its overall aesthetics. When it comes to shoppers looking for high-quality products, the number goes up. M7Alpha created a photography-rich, highly-visual website that accentuates the commitment of the Black Box brand towards superior quality sound systems. The website's design balances luxury with classic simplicity through earthy colours, custom-made visual assets and detail-oriented product descriptions. For this project, the objective was to create a website that imitates the best characteristics of browsing a physical store, allowing its visitors to quickly make comparisons between products, and easily ask for more information from the team via a live chat support system.

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