April 1, 2021

Deluxe Boat Charters

Deluxe Boat Charter make available a carefully curated selection of high-end jet-ski and ribs for people in Malta seeking a day at sea. Operated by vibrant, cheerful sea enthusiasts, the Deluxe Boat Charter team asked us to help develop a simple but effective marketing plan for the Summer season during which they operate.


The first task for the M7Alpha team was to design a lean and budget-friendly website that balances the right amount of information with great photography featuring the client’s boats at their best. Next up, the team created a set of digital brochures that enabled the client to quickly showcase their selection to clients. A cost-conscious social media content plan that balanced product-based and usage-based content was then created. Aside from lead-generation-focused promotional adverts, the M7Alpha content creators identified and researched some of the best spots around Malta and Gozo for people to visit on their boat, rib or jet-sky. This information was then converted into a set of posts published on a regular basis, each featuring one spot, and then providing information on how to get to these locations, insights about diving opportunities, expectations regarding privacy and other high-value information for people making plans for a day out at sea. 

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