April 1, 2021


SWEAT is a Fitness Company that supplies equipment and accessories for Sports Enthusiasts and Fitness Facilities seeking to upgrade or expand their gear and equipment. The SWEAT team approached M7Alpha Creative Studios for assistance with developing their brand, from name to logo to brand assets including colours, fonts, packaging and more. The team behind SWEAT are energetic, dynamic fitness enthusiasts who sought to turn what they do for love into what they do for work. Brimming with character and driven by a desire to cater for genuine athletes and facilities who want to keep raising the bar (metaphorically and literally), it then followed that their brand should reflect a strong sense of hard work, gumption, and commitment.


The name SWEAT doesn’t just immediately remind one of hard work; water is also associated with fluidity, change and persistence across cultures. With this in mind, M7Alpha combined these elements and inspirations to create SWEAT and develop its brand identity.

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