April 20, 2021


As pioneers of tech-driven cab services, eCabs is easily one of Malta’s most recognisable brands. Conscious that a virtual, fully-responsive shopfront is key to maintaining their success, the eCabs team approached M7Alpha to revamp their online booking system and assist in the optimisation of their operational system.


For a digital-first private transport service like eCabs, the booking system makes or breaks. The team at M7Alpha created a new booking system that enabled eCabs' to effectively serve a broader national audience. To ensure excellence, we conducted extensive research on the best and most innovative booking systems worldwide and tested various user interfaces. We also closely examined the processes at eCabs to create a digital infrastructure tailored to the company's specific needs. In addition to developing the booking system, we also worked closely with the team at eCabs to make small adjustments to their operations in order to fully utilize the capabilities of the new system. Overall, our work for eCabs resulted in a custom-tailored booking system that effectively serves the company's needs and allows them to expand their reach to a broader audience.

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